Piazza del Popolo & Piazza Garibaldi from Todi, Italy

Todi has three rows of fortified precincts. Following them towards the interior, one climbs towards the square but descends into history: medieval walls, Roman, Etruscan. The square stands on the spot of the old Roman forum, just like the cathedral, at the end of the square and of some steep steps, stand on the spot of the temple of Jupiter. The Piazza del Popolo of Todi, a closed space, dominated by massive buildings and their crenellations, offers, just like its fortifications, a strong sense of protection. It is often cited in historical studies as the most convincing model of medieval square. It is certainly beautiful and impressive. In the neighbouring Garibaldi square one crosses through a narrow passage and this offers an unexpected surprise when it comes to the structure of the town. The exact opposite: a side that is completely open to the Umbrian hills.